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CTR Services Inc.

Preventative Maintenance
Complete Transport Refrigeration offers preventative maintenance on all makes and models of transport refrigeration units. Some of the preventative maintenance services we offer include, pre-trip inspections, oil change, belt replacement or adjustment, checking of fluids and bearings, trailer repair, FHWA inspections, and tires.

Complete Transport Refrigeration also provides emergency break down repair and fueling 24/7 365 days a year. Complete Transport Refrigeration employs dozens of EPA certified technician’s to provide this service in the Chicago land area.
We have room to store over 500 pieces of equipment in our yard. We also stack equipment....
Steam Cleaning
1. Steam cleaning of unit and condenser
2. Outside trailer washing
3. Inside trailer washing
4. Inside trailer sanitizing
CTR has mobile fueling trucks for on site fueling and temp checks.
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